by Karen Wormald

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If you’ve ever been tempted to…

  • Bury the latest pointless project . . .
  • Shred a scatterbrained
    co-worker . . .
  • Sink your claws into a manager who treads on your tail . . .

You need some

Corporate America has you trained to work like a dog...
  • Be on call 24/7
  • Don’t tug at your leash
  • Drool with excitement over boring, tedious work
  • Whenever you get kicked in the teeth, go back for more
  • Never lose your pathetic need to please
If you’re lucky, you'll earn
a tasteless treat.

Cats instinctively avoid such no-win situations — or they quickly figure out how to get the upper paw.

So why haven’t cats been held up as career role models before?

Because they prefer to be thought of as lazy loungers and lovers of luxury. It’s a lifestyle choice. But in reality, they could teach Napoleon a few tricks about strategy, patience, and efficiency — skills that help many a CEO rise to the top.

And now they’ve decided to share some of the secrets of their success.

You may have heard of a popular business parable that’s been making the rounds. It’s about a cheese-loving rodent (a.k.a. employee) who finds happiness running through a vast, confusing maze (a.k.a. management’s idea of the perfect work environment). In the end, the little fellow learns to embrace “change.”

Change is a code word used by clueless management to keep you hungry and hopping at its whim. If you complain about change, you’re branded a loser.

Cats are still laughing over this “formula” for career success. First, the maze hasn’t been built that could ever hold a cat. Last, if you were ever to pit a cat against a rodent, that vermin’s going down!

So if you’re sick and tired of being mousy around co-workers and managers who have inferior abilities, talents, and intelligence — which means just about everyone else in your office — this is the book for you.






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It's a WINNER!

"How to Work
Like a CAT"
was selected as one of the best business books at the 17th Annual Midwest Book Awards presented by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.


"I Love Cats"
3rd Place winner
favorite with cats

We weren’t judges,
but we think Dena Harris wrote the "I Love Cats" essay that best captures the spirit of working like a cat. She’s author of the award-winning "Lessons In Stalking: Life With Cats." Her work also appears in "Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul" and "For The Love of Cats." Cats are lucky to have her writing about them. Her site provides some good laughs!




STOP thinking like a mouse and learn
How to Work Like a CAT!

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